Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Gift Quest

Gift Quest is a simple quest game. You win tickets by simply playing quest. The quest is very simple & straight forward. Very easy to play. After you get your tickets, simply click on "Access to the Grid", then click anywhere on the picture. You will get points. This points will add up until the end of the contest. The more points you have, the higher you will get in the Gift Quest ranking. The top player will win the grand prize. There are currently 500 winners available. Meaning top 500 will win some cool prizes too. Gift Quest is a seasonal game. After a season end, you will have to wait for a period of time for the next season to play again. So, what are you waiting for. Hurry up & join now !
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Note: Gift Quest will be available once a year.
Win a Console 3DS XL + 1 Game + Charger, 3 x DT$ 20, Stars Points, and Gold

DT$ - dt dollar
DT$1 = € 0.70 ( Euro ) real Money, real Cash

Grand Prize
Console 3DS XL + 1 Game + Charger
(or DT$ 200)

*The winner of the 3DS prize can not claim his gains in the Pay Table - which are Stars Points, progressive Star Points and Gold, & DT$20 prize.
You can choose 1 game or more to a maximum of 36€. Charger added type E [France]. 7€ (DT$10) may be given instead if you already have a charger or if you are in another country incompatible with type E. Suppliers normally deliver the Grand Price to all countries or else DT$200 shall be given to the top winner.
Grand Prize of Gift Quest
Gift Quest DT$ logo other prizes
Gift Quest Pay Table
  • You have several ways to win tickets.
  • You can skip a quest only 1 time per 60 minutes for each type of quest.
  • If you skip a quest, the same quest may appear.
  • The grid of Gifts Quests will be reset every 10 minutes if it is full.
Tips on how to play
  1. Gift Quest is under Contest
  2. Everyday you have 1 free ticket. Remember if you don't claim your free ticket today you can't claim it tomorrow.
  3. Click it, then click Access to the Grid. You will see a big picture. Choose anywhere you want in the picture, then click on the picture. 1 ticket for 1 click. You can either get numbers, wii logo, dt$ - dt dollar logo, or jackpot of 1000 points.
  4. Gift Quest gain Jackpot
  5. Click Return to go back to the Gift Quest page. You can see your ranking in the table below. The points that you click will accumulate.
  6. To get more tickets, you can play 9 quest. Dungeon Quests, Weapon Quests, Protection Quests, Bonus Games Quests, Star Games Quests, Jousts Multi Quests, Racing Horses, Wizard Quests, & Alchemist Quests.
  7. Look at the 12 big rectangle with quest to see how to get more tickets.
  8. For Dungeon Quests, you must venture in the dungeons to get some items. Once you get the items, you will automatically get your tickets. The more items you get, the more tickets you will get too. You can also get tickets by killing monsters, capture monsters, find spells and open a chest in the dungeon. To find out which quest you must do in order to get tickets, just go to your Dungeon Quests to find out. 1 dungeon quest completed = 2 tickets.
  9. For Weapon Quests and Protection Quests, you must get the items listed in the quest. Once you get the items, you must wear or use the items and then go to Gift Quest and click validate to get your tickets. If the items you are searching for is hard to find, you can always skip it. Or you can search & buy it in the shops or market if it is available there. 5 tickets per quest completed. Example shown below:
  10. Weapon QuestsWeapon Quests validated & completed
  11. For Bonus Games quests, you must play the game stated in the quest with your gold. You will get the ticket automatically after you play the game.
  12. For Star Games Quests, you must play with stars points. Also automatically get ticket after you play. 1 Star Games = 2 tickets.
  13. For Jousts Multi Quests, you must play The Joust Multi & win to get a ticket. 1 win = 1 ticket. Win until you reach your winning limit. Look at your Jousts Multi Quests. 10 targets per day (cumulative). Rule: The adversary should not be a ghost or too easily defeated.
  14. 7 of the quests will accumulate your tickets everyday until the end of the contest. Dungeon Quests, Weapon Quests, Protection Quests, Bonus Games Quests, Star Games Quests, Jousts Multi Quests, & Racing Horses. Don't worry if you can't finish your quest today, you can always continue tomorrow. Just make sure you finish your quest before the end of the contest. Every quests will give you some tickets everyday. If you manage to get all of your tickets, you have to wait till tomorrow to get more tickets.
  15. The Wizard Quests & Alchemist Quests have no target limit everyday. Meaning you don't have to wait until tomorrow to get more tickets from these 2 quests. You can accomplish the quest in 1 day and get all of the tickets if you have all of the spells & potions required.
  16. Wizard Quests - You must transform an amount of Mana for a ticket. MEANING THE AMOUNT OF MANA INTO 1 TICKET. 1ST, FIND AS MANY Spells AS POSSIBLE. Then, convert them all to mana. When you reach the amount of mana needed, you will get 1 ticket. For example: 1000 mana into 1 ticket. The mana is cumulative. You can change your spells to mana anytime you want. As soon as you get 1 ticket, the requirement will turn back to 1000 mana for 1 ticket. For easier understanding, mana is actually your spells.
  17. Alchemist Quests - Same as Wizard Quest. But you need Potions. You need to transform Potions to a ticket.
  18. For Racing Horses Quests, you must play a Horse Race.
  19. You can always buy 1 ticket with 1000 gold. But it is not recommended because you will loss a lot of gold.
  20. If you have Stars Points, you can buy 50 tickets with 1 stars points. Buy Stars Points if you want to get to the top ranking.
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